Water Soluble Bag Manufacturers

Water soluble bag manufacturers produce bags that dissolve in contact with water. The bags are ideal for packaging dry products that need to be added to a watery environment, such as pigments for textile dyeing. The bags can also be used to pack chemicals such as herbicides, dyes, pesticides, detergents, concrete additives and other industrial products. Unlike traditional plastic bags, the bags can be safely disposed of without causing any harm to marine life. The bags are also suitable for use in hospitals and nursing homes where the goal is to minimize contact between staff members and contaminated laundry.

The bags are manufactured from polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), a natural compound that is biodegradable and non-toxic. They have the advantage of being a natural alternative to single-use plastic garment bags and can be used with all kinds of textiles. The bags are also very lightweight, so they do not add any extra weight to the items inside. The bags are available in different sizes and can be printed with the logo or text of the brand. The packaging can be made with an opening for easy filling and a seal for closing. The bags are also a great alternative to plastic bubble wrap, which can be toxic for marine life and can end up in the ocean.

Currently, most clothing stores and online retailers use single-use polybags to protect their shipments of garments, underwear and soft homewares from dust, moisture and dirt. These bags are usually made from Low Density Polyethylene, or LDPE. They are cheap and offer excellent protection against damage and dirt. However, the problem is that the polybags are not recycled in many places and at their end-of-life they are either landfilled, incinerated or end up somewhere in nature. This is why there has been a lot of focus on finding alternatives to LDPE polybags.

One solution is to replace the LDPE bags with PVA bags, which are able to dissolve in water at higher temperatures. However, the issue with these bags is that they have not been thoroughly tested. Some manufacturers claim that their bags are’marine-safe’, but this claim is misleading. The’marine-safe’ bags are only partially dissolved in the ocean and have not been tested to see whether they actually do not harm marine life.

Another option is to use a waterproof material that does not require the sealing of a bag, such as PU coated nylon or PP. These materials are still able to protect the contents from dust, moisture and dirt, but they can be opened easily by hand or machine, which makes them more convenient. In addition, they are very light and easy to transport.

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