What Are Online Holiday Packages?

When you buy a holiday package, you get a set of pre-arranged travel services (such as transport and accommodation) put together by the tour operator or your travel agent. This means you benefit from a higher level of consumer protection than when booking individual components separately, as explained below.

The travel company must also give you clear information before you book, on a standard form, explaining that your trip or holiday is a package and outlining your rights. If something goes wrong during your trip, the trader must be able to offer alternative arrangements of equivalent quality or better, or should refund you in full. This applies if the problem is caused by the trader, another trader or one of their suppliers. It does not apply if the cause is a natural disaster or security problems in the destination.

Online packages enable your customers to create their perfect vacation by combining different travel products, such as flights + hotels + cars or cruises, into a custom package. This is often referred to as dynamic packaging and enables travel companies to offer a wider range of options to suit the individual needs and budgets of their customers. With specialist software, such as Trawex’s Dynamic Holiday Packages solution, you can build and sell travel packages more profitably. Our technology allows your customers to replace any travel entity in a package with the most suitable option available in real-time. This gives them greater choice and flexibility, and also increases conversions and customer retention. online Holiday Packages

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