What Is a Button Head Bolt?

UC Components is proud to offer a wide variety of different Button Head Bolt to suit your particular application. Our high vacuum hardware is available in a range of head types, lengths, materials, coatings, and plating treatments to ensure that you get the ideal fastener for your job. If you need help finding the right bolt for your project, our team is always ready to assist you.

What is a Button Head Bolt?
A button head socket cap screw, also known as a dome or round screw, is a type of threaded fastener that has a rounded, domed shape and a recessed counter bore in the center where a wrench can fit. These screws have a wider load-bearing surface than standard socket head cap screws and are less likely to loosen over time. They are a popular choice for applications that require a high level of torque resistance, as the broad load-bearing face can distribute force across the head more evenly.

Button head caps are great for tight spaces where you don’t have much room to maneuver. They’re used for things like creating compartments in the overhead space of a house, and they can be inserted into holes that are too small for a conventional hex or socket head screw to fit into. Their rounded head also gives them a more finished appearance than other types of screw heads, making them ideal for projects that require an attractive finish.

Button head socket cap screws are a great choice for many different applications, from automotive repairs and maintenance jobs to furniture assembly and heavy-duty industrial tasks that require working with thick materials like steel alloys. They’re also a great choice for light duty jobs where you don’t need the extra strength that a larger socket head provides. Button Head Bolt

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