What Is A Hangout On Google+? Supercharged YouTube Marketing

If you haven’t been paying attention over the past year, you maybe wondering, “What is a hangout on Google+?” It’s another platform Google has added to its arsenal to keep viewers within Google 24 hours a day.

If you are doing YouTube marketing already, you know the importance video marketing has taken on with smart phones and mobile devices.

YouTube traffic continues to soar and video marketing has only gotten better with on air hangouts. Until recently, marketers had to pay for services to reach their viewers by video.

Since Hangout on Google+ was introduced, it is now possible to hang out with 9 other people through video conferencing. That’s right, the future is now. You can hook up with 9 other friends across the globe for free.

Google has made a concerted effort to gain a foothold in the social media market with Google+ and YouTube. Hangouts on air is their latest strategy to corner the market.

What exactly is a Google+ Hangout anyway? It is basically a free video conferencing system that anyone can use to initiate a hangout as long as you have a g-mail address.

From a social perspective, it allows you to connect with people anywhere in the world. Up to 10 people can get invited to join a hangout and chat with the other participants. Think of the possibilities if you cannot attend a wedding or an anniversary or the birth of a baby? The possibilities to join in are endless.

If you are doing YouTube marketing, this very well could be your secret weapon, at least until everyone else catches on. There are three ways you can utilize on air hangouts to your benefit.

First, you can hold private one on one coaching calls with your clients using on the Google Hangout feature. This is private and is not broadcast to the world.

Google Hangouts On Air can be set up to broadcast live to the world. Here, you can invite up to 9 other people to join you as moderators while the rest of the world watches a live stream of your broadcast.

And here is probably one of the best YouTube secrets you may not know about. Once your live broadcast is over, the video is automatically uploaded to your YouTube channel.

The video SEO benefits you get from a Google+ Hangout can be extraordinary. Rankings of these videos with the proper optimization can be through the roof.

If you want to supercharge your YouTube marketing, it’s time to take a look at Google+ Hangout and see what it can do for your video marketing efforts. youtube live stream views buy

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