What is a Type Speed Test?

A type speed test is an examination of how quickly someone can type using an actual passage of text. Typically, this test takes place in an interview or as part of an employee recruitment process, and is intended to measure how comfortable and accurate a candidate will be in their new role. There are different ways to approach this type of test, but the most common is to give a candidate a set piece of text and time them for how long it will take them to complete it. The test then looks at the number of words they were able to type per minute (WPM) and the total number of errors they made (Corrected WPM).

Typing is an essential skill for casual computer users and professional office workers alike. Slow typing and the need to correct typos diverts attention away from what the user is trying to achieve, whether it’s writing an email or filling in a form, so ensuring typing accuracy is high is crucial for productivity.

Those who use a keyboard for their work, from data entry professionals to transcriptionists, will need to have high-level typing skills. Using an online typing test, or taking regular classes will help to increase typing speed and improve accuracy over time. It’s also recommended to learn the touch typing method of keyboarding, rather than hunt and peck, as this will increase your accuracy and speed. Our free online typing test is available to use in a variety of languages, and provides you with a raw WPM score as well as a corrected one, showing you how many correctly typed words you were able to type in a given amount of time. type speed test

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