What to Consider Before Choosing a Fertility Clinic

What to Consider Before Choosing a Fertility Clinic

While it is important not to choose a clinic strictly based on price, knowing your limits can prevent you from being talked into procedures that cost more than you are comfortable with. The cost of fertility treatments can vary a lot depending on the type of treatment and your unique medical situation. Before you start seeking treatment, find out how much it will cost and what the success rate is.

The first step in choosing a clinic is to determine whether you have insurance coverage for fertility treatments. Many group health plans offer this coverage, but it is not always available for self-funded employers or individual policies. Call your insurance provider and speak to a customer service representative. Ask about deductibles, copayments, maximum lifetime limits and coverage limits.

If you don’t have insurance coverage, most fertility clinics have payment programs for their patients. They can also help you apply for financing through third-party lenders.

For women who are trying to conceive, the most common procedure at a fertility clinic is in vitro fertilization (IVF). This involves injecting synthetic hormones into your body to stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs. The eggs are then inseminated with your partner’s sperm or donated sperm to create embryos. The embryos are then transferred into your uterus to hopefully result in pregnancy.

A fertility clinic may also perform diagnostic tests, including a semen analysis and imaging studies or procedures of your reproductive organs. If a cause for infertility is identified, treatment may include medication or surgical interventions.

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