Why Should You Consider a Career in Cyber Security?

In a world where our daily activities depend on technology and the internet, it seems we’re constantly being reminded that cybersecurity is key to protect our lives. From communication (email, smartphones, tablets), entertainment and social media to transportation, shopping and even our medical equipment and records, we’re becoming more dependent on computers and the internet than ever before.

Because of this reliance, businesses need to integrate cyber security into their strategic plans and initiatives. Without it, a business is susceptible to costly data breaches, loss of revenue, damaged reputation and more.

As the cybersecurity field grows, it has become more specialized to include roles like forensics, application security and incident response. However, it’s a discipline that also offers ample opportunity for growth as professionals advance within the field and master new skillsets.

A cybersecurity career also provides unique responsibilities that can extend beyond digital realms and into the physical world. For example, recently there was a massive recall of pacemakers due to a cybersecurity issue and the Equifax breach that impacted 145 million Americans.

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that cybersecurity is a great choice for anyone who wants to work on IT issues that have real-world impact. Just be prepared to not jet around the globe dodging bullets or be able to instantly identify malicious code by its red color (thanks for that, CSI: Cyber). There are much more concrete reasons why cybersecurity is a solid career choice: low to no unemployment, strong compensation and a chance to play a significant role in protecting our daily lives. SOC

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