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As Dubai is trying to be working upon giving the best services,Guest Posting policies, and ease for everyone who wants to start their business in Dubai. This is why many entrepreneurs are attracted to the United Arab Emirates to start up their ventures. And many businessmen are really excited to invest in the city of modern development. The unstoppable economic growth is another charm of Dubai. United Arab Emirates, Dubai are rapidly growing even in technology advancement and modernization. and standing tall amongst the developed countries in the whole globe.
Specifically, the rate of foreign investors, businessmen, and entrepreneurs is competitively higher in Dubai. Being the land of new opportunities and growth Dubai has become the dream to live-in state for so many people around the world. So, let’s talk about how can you fulfill your dream to become a holder of an investor visa in Dubai?

What Is Investor Visa In Dubai?

Every country offers different types of visas to visit in their state as a foreign traveler or immigrant. So as Dubai, they offer various types of Visas. And one of them is an investor visa in Dubai. People who are interested to start their venture in Dubai or want to work as an investor only then are obliged to apply for an investor visa to carry on the required business activities. Investors can get an opportunity to choose between free zone or mainland Dubai for their business activities. Alongside this, an investor will get an amazing advantage of becoming a resident in Dubai. and in a long run, he can sponsor his family as well.

Categories to Get Investment Visa:

There must be a few questions that arise in your mind is which sector suits me to invest in Dubai to get my investor’s visa in Dubai? So here is answer to your question, there are few main sectors to get investment visa in Dubai:

  1. By investing in residential properties
  2. By investing in a running company or starting your own company.
  3. Long run or deep-rooted Residence
  4. Stay as a resident of Dubai after retirement.

You must be 18+ while applying for an investor, entrepreneur, shareholder visa in Dubai. Only then you will be able to apply for a residential visa in long run.

Visa Validation:

Investor visa in Dubai is valid for almost 3-years. And you will get a 30days renewal margin for your visa once it is expired. And for renewal, you have to go through the whole procedures of medicinal checkup, and restoration of medical insurance as well as an identity card of emirates.

Advantages of Getting Investor Visa:

There are plenty of benefits that are linked with having investors visa in Dubai. So, get ready because you going to enjoy the following bonuses being an investor visa holder in Dubai:

  1. Residential power: You are allowed to become a resident of Dubai for a minimum of 3-years till you are having an active visa.
  2. Family sponsorship: you are permitted to sponsor your spouse, kids, parents to live with you in Dubai.
  3. Can live outside of Dubai as well: you are allowed to stay out of Dubai for a year while having your investor visa. And your residence permit will not be declined around 6 months.
  4. Long-Visa: you can get a golden visa opportunity as well once you prove yourself and your business worthy enough for the economic growth of the state.

All in All, getting an investor visa brings none other than benefits and privileges for the visa holder and family. Being a busy businessman, you should not waste your energies and precious time in working to get your visa approvals, rather than you should hire a professional agency like us to perform this crucial and time-consuming task on your behalf. So, that you can flourish your business free-handedly and bring the productive impact to the development and growth of the country you going to shift to. At our business setup solutions, you can get every sort of service related to visa, license, renewal, and consultancy as well. Start chasing your dream by working in Dubai and enjoy the perks of the Dubai lifestyle, and infrastructure which eventually benefit the world in the longer run. فتح سجل تجاري في دبي

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