Custom Grip Socks

Grip socks have become a popular choice for sports and fitness enthusiasts who are looking to enhance their performance. These tubular socks are outfitted with a woven pattern on the bottom, often made of rubber grips that create a non-slip surface. The rest of the sock is usually sewn from a comfortable, sweat-wicking material. They are also customizable and available with a range of patterns or grip designs, ideal for a variety of activities and applications.

Designed to fit the unique shape of each foot, custom grip socks offer superior traction and stability. They also help to reduce in-shoe slipping, which can cause minor injuries like blisters that severely limit a player’s ability to perform. These socks are made of breathable materials and are resistant to minor wounds. They are also able to lock the ankles in place, which is important for stabilizing the feet and improving agility.

The Perfect Amount of Friction
In a study using a sledge and pulley system, the static coefficient of friction between a grip sock and regular sock was found to be higher in the grip socks. The study also found that grip socks reduced in-shoe foot motion and enhanced change of direction performance in team sport players. This was true for both male and female participants.

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