Hair Highlights – How to Get Your Hair Highlighted

Highlights add dimension to any hair color. They can brighten up a dull ashy tone or add a warm glow to a rich caramel, strawberry, honey or copper color. Well-placed highlights frame the face and can even illuminate dark circles under the eyes, brightening the skin and enhancing your features. Highlights also help conceal grays by blending them in with the lighter streaks, eliminating the stark line that usually appears between your natural or base color and the regrowth.

Highlighting is always done a few shades lighter than your base color. Highlights can be either subtle or bold, and the placement of them is customized to your hair length, texture and personality. It’s important to choose a stylist who is skilled at applying highlights and knows the difference between staggered, ombre or gradient highlighting.

Traditionally, highlights are a light blonde shade or colours but they can also be darker or warmer if the client wishes. The most important thing is that the highlights complement the client’s skin tone. If they are too close or opposite the skin tone it can create a two-tone effect that is not flattering.

Highlight maintenance is dependent on how the highlights are applied and how often they are touched up. It is always a good idea to minimize heat styling and use sulfate free, color-safe shampoo and conditioners. Avoid prolonged sun exposure as this can fade your highlights. Regular touch ups every six to eight weeks should keep your highlights looking fresh and vibrant. Highlights

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