Explosion Proof Ball Valve With Positioner

The Explosion Proof Ball Valve with Positioner can be used in applications where the Process Fluid is Flammable. It’s a great choice for Oil and Gas, Industrial Automation, petrochemical, metallurgy and light industry to cut off or circulate the pressurized media in gas and liquid pipeline. It’s a combination of the shearing action of an explosion proof knife gate valve with the control characteristics and sealing performance of a rotary controlled ball valve.

It’s an electric actuator equipped with a pneumatic positioner that is designed to work with rotary control valve packages including the Bray Series 19 and 19L Segmented rotary control valves. The segmented design allows for customization of segments that can be used to solve specific application needs. It is available in four trim levels, a wide range of supply voltages, two position and modulating control.

A common control valve accessory, the valve positioner delivers a precise control of the actuator’s output shaft by switching the air pressure between the two air supply ports that drive the actuator open and closed. This is done by responding to an input signal, a switch circuit, or a potentiometer.

The Stainless Steel Valve Positioner with Dual Limit Switches has a heavy duty body and is designed to work with either single or double acting pneumatic actuators. It accepts a 4-20mA input signal and offers a 3-15PSI range with precision calibration. It is ATEX and NEMA 7 rated and has easy to read positioner stainless steel gauges. It has a zero bleed pneumatic relay that reduces the amount of air consumed and is explosion proof.

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