Industrial Packaging Supplies

Whether it’s the humble, drab packaging that secures and protects raw materials and goods for transport from point A to point B or a master-packed box of products for direct shipment to retail outlets or customers, industrial packaging supplies serve many important purposes. Durable and versatile, they keep products safe from natural deterioration and physical factors that affect their toxicity, consistency or shape. They can also help to label and organize large quantities of the same product.

The most common type of industrial packaging material is cardboard, which is sturdy, affordable and easily customizable to a company’s specifications. It can be used as a divider for individual items in bulk boxes or can be shrink-wrapped to protect them from damage. Fluted corrugated cardboard is a great choice for shipping products that require extra protection, as it absorbs impact shocks and vibrations in transit. For more sensitive or fragile products, bubble wrap or padded foam inserts can provide added cushioning.

Other forms of industrial packaging include plastic, which is hard-wearing and resilient. It can be used for containers that hold liquids or semi-solids like foodstuffs and oils or for corrosive chemicals and other hazardous materials. Steel is another common industrial packaging material, typically used for storing and transporting drums of liquids and other raw materials.

There is also a wide range of food-related industrial packaging, which is designed to protect and preserve food for extended periods while in storage or transport. These containers come in various sizes and shapes, from small pouches to large boxes and tubing. They can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, paper, metal and glass. Different types of food packaging are also designed to be appropriate for particular climates or for different storage and transportation temperatures.

For companies that require more sophisticated and high-tech forms of industrial packaging, there are also shipping monitor indicators that can be used to track the progress of shipments as they move from manufacturing facilities to distribution centers or to individual retailers. These devices are also known as “traceability” systems and can be used to provide a complete record of the location of a shipment throughout its journey to its destination.

The majority of packaging supplies are available through a number of leading suppliers, with each having their own area of specialization. Uline is one of the largest suppliers, offering a wide variety of containers, materials and accessories. Grainger and Global Industrial are other popular choices, providing everything from packaging tape to carton staplers. Many of these suppliers offer fast shipping services to meet the needs of businesses across industries and geographies. In addition, they can customize their offerings to ensure that a business has the right types of materials and equipment to protect its goods in a cost-efficient way. They can also provide advice and support for any problems that a company might have with its packaging.

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