The Right Auto Detailing Equipment for Upholstery Maintenance

Given the range of items found in cars – soft drinks,Guest Posting coffee, fast food, tobacco, sweaty socks, muddy shoes, chocolate, ice-cream and even pets – it is not surprising that the interiors of cars begin smelling awful pretty fast. The upholstery and carpets in vehicles absorb dirt deposits, stains, oil smudges and foul odors almost instantly, leaving you with a really tough auto detailing job.

The main issue is that car interiors generally consist of different surfaces, such as leather, cloth, vinyl, wood, rubber, plastic, and glass. A single cleaning machine does not usually work well on all these surfaces. This doesn’t have to make it difficult to start an auto detailing business. It just means that you have to purchase the right cleaning machines.

For exterior auto detailing, there is no doubt that purchasing a steam pressure washer is the best option. When it comes to interiors, some confusion may arise. The simple guide to follow is: opt for steam cleaners for interior hard surfaces and use carpet cleaning machines for automotive upholstery, floor mats, and carpet.

A Look into the Top Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Machines
With the advanced range of carpet cleaning machines available from leading distributors, it is now possible to keep vehicles in gleaming, stain-free and nice-smelling condition. Since these carpet cleaners have been specifically created for auto detailing applications, it is possible to accomplish superior cleaning results with minimal time and effort.

Advanced versions of auto detailing equipment are empowered with cutting edge technologies to ensure professional-style cleaning results. With advanced hot water extraction methods, such carpet cleaning equipment helps eliminate all kinds of pollutants, stains, dirt and stenches accumulated by your car over the years.

Excellent Upholstery Maintenance
The latest versions of technologically advanced carpet cleaning machines designed for vehicle detailing jobs are equipped with innovative technologies and attachments to ensure excellent cleaning results. For instance, top-rated upholstery cleaners feature a specialized 4-inch upholstery tool designed to reach the small crevices of a vehicle interior. Better yet, these advanced mobile car wash systems eject hot water that is capable of dissolving stubborn stains caused by dirt, mud, oil, and most other residues for quick and easy extraction.

When your vehicles are not thoroughly maintained with steam car wash systems, the result can be dull-looking and foul-smelling. For this reason, car wash professionals recommend using portable carpet cleaner machines to transform your car interiors into as good as new. Utilizing low moisture cleaning function and high-temperature hot water, these upholstery cleaners guarantee the fastest drying periods. In fact, the best mobile car wash equipment is capable of leaving car interiors clean, dry and fresh-smelling in 1 to 6 hours.

To get the best from upholstery cleaning equipment, use it in combination with green cleaning solutions available from reputable suppliers. The fast-acting and powerful formulation of these green chemicals will help clean and deodorize upholstered surfaces in vehicles. The nano-particles in the green chemicals are capable of penetrating and dissolving dirt particles more efficiently than commercial cleaners do. Better yet, top solutions are plant-based and non-toxic, making them safe for your customers who come in contact with cleaned carpets and seats. When used along with portable carpet cleaning machines, these green chemicals offer amazing results in dissolving stains and tough deposits found in vehicles.

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