InSinkErator – The Ingenious Way to Dispose of Food Waste


The ingenious way to dispose food waste, an InSinkErator food disposal system liquefies your food and allows it to escape into the sewage network instead of sitting in your bin attracting pests and creating smelly, unhygienic situations. Heritage Plumbing Group can install an InSinkErator food waste disposal system in your kitchen to make cooking, cleaning and entertaining at home a whole lot cleaner and safer for you and your family.

InSinkErator is one of the oldest garbage disposers manufacturing companies in the world, founded in 1927 by John W Hammes. Its original garbage disposal was a machine installed in sink drains that shred and grinded food waste into pieces small enough to pass through sewer lines.

The brand is also renowned for its powerful, quiet garbage disposals that can handle a variety of household scraps, from cooked meat and bone to fruit skins, vegetables, egg shells and corn husks. In addition, the disposals reduce food waste sent to landfills, which produce methane emissions that contribute to climate change. Instead, a food waste disposal is a great alternative, especially in homes with a garden or compost bin for organic waste.

InSinkErator’s top models use stainless steel turntables and impellers, while those in the bottom and medium ranges have corrosion-proof polymers. InSinkErator’s Badger series disposals have a stronger, more durable design than Waste King’s budget disposers. In terms of motors, Waste King uses high-speed permanent magnet type motors whereas InSinkErator disposer’s use slower, but efficient induction type motors.

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