Managing Your Website Hosting Files With Cpanel File Manager

It is the preferred control panel for Linux hosting and a great number webmasters can’t do without it. It comes with a great number advanced features such as File Manager,Managing Your Website Hosting Files With Cpanel File Manager Articles¬†which can be extremely useful for managing the files on a big site. Here is how you can make full use of File Manager.


Copying files.


You can easily copy existing files to one folder to other. If you never have File Manager, you will end up having to FTP (upload) your files to the new folder. The trouble with uploading is that the process can take a very long time. A simple command in File Manager takes just a few seconds to execute as there is nothing to upload. This command is extremely useful when you have big amounts of files to copy from one folder to other (such as having thousands of files).


Moving files.


The File Manager is a web based feature that requires no additional installation. You can access the feature from your CPanel control panel. Use it to move files in bulk from one folder to other. Simply check the files that you would like to move, and then select “move files” from the drop down options menu. The files will be removed from the existing folder and moved to the new folder immediately. If you use FTP, you will have to upload the files to the new folder and then delete the old files from the old folder – a rather cumbersome process. File manager can perform this task in a hassle free manner.


Deleting files.


Files can also be removed from the server directly without the use of FTP software. This function comes in useful when you delete sites from your hosting account. When you delete a domain, the existing files are not deleted and they are taking up space on your hosting account. Using File Manager, you can easily identify these files and folders and remove them from the server to free up web storage.


Backing up files.


This is one function that a great number webmasters never use (maybe because they never realize about it?). You can easily back up files from your server to your nearby computer with File Manager. Simply select the folders and files that you would like to download and then transfer everything to your nearby computer. This can also be done with FTP but if you can use a web based feature to do this, why bother to fire up your FTP software?


The File Manager is an under-utilized feature in Cpanel. For daily uploading and downloading, you can still use your FTP software. But for organizing and managing files, this feature is a much better tool. You can move files, copy files, delete files and everything happens on the web server at a much faster speed. Upload Files

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