MedRehab Provides Physical Therapy in North Canton

The goal of physical therapy is to help people improve or maintain their movement and physical functions when they are confronted with health conditions, illnesses or injuries that impair mobility. It is often provided in inpatient settings to enhance the patient’s ability to perform daily mobility tasks, such as walking, moving in and out of bed or sitting in a chair. Physical therapy is typically provided by state-licensed physical therapists and/or physical therapist assistants. Licensed support personnel such as athletic trainers may also provide patient services under the direction and supervision of physical therapists in accordance with state law.

Physical therapists evaluate the patient’s overall status, including the patient’s abilities, needs and expectations. They then develop and implement a treatment plan, with goals that are consistent with the patient’s overall status. They also assess the patient’s progress and make adjustments to the treatment plan as needed.

Our MedRehab physical and occupational therapists are experts in the management of post-surgical orthopedic and general neurological conditions, as well as spine and extremity dysfunctions. We also offer specialized therapies, such as women’s health/pelvic floor and hand rehabilitation, to address your individual needs.

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