Real Ithmid Kohl

This article is about real ithmid kohl; the type that the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alihi wa sallam praised and commanded to be used. This type of kohl does not only beautify the eyes but also carries natural and medicinal benefits that are not found in other types of kohl.

This is the type of kohl that the Bedouins of the Hejaz and Maghreb (the region where Mecca and Medina are located) have been using for thousands of years to protect their eyes from the desert heat and dust. The kohl not only protects the eyes but is known to cure many eye diseases such as redness, conjunctivitis, eye pain, glaucoma and even stimulates the growth of long thick eyelashes.

The kohl not only absorbs the UV rays that can cause sunburn, it also protects the eye from oxidation which causes macular degeneration. It does this by dilating the blood vessels around the eyes which increases the flow of blood and reduces intraocular pressure (IOP). Just like exercise is a prophylactic against muscular degeneration, increased vascular function of the eyes reduces the risk of ocular pathologies such as glaucoma.

The other main benefit of kohl is that it promotes universal beauty characteristics; in particular big bright eyes and glowing skin. Although other kohl does carry some beauty effects they are superficial and short term; as soon as they are washed off they disappear. Our ithmid is a very special kohl as it has a deeper beauty effect that lasts, because it introduces structural changes in the skin and eye tissues which result in those universal beauty characteristics. real ithmid kohl

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