The Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

As one of the world’s first cannabis capitals Amsterdam has a rich history of cool, quirky coffeeshops. Tripping out on a joint or tucking into a space cake is a rite of passage for many visitors and has become a hallmark of the city’s reputation. In the past, most of the coffeeshops were dark and dingy, but now they tend to be a lot more stylish and have a wide menu. Some also cater to vegans or gluten-free people, which is great if you’re travelling with food allergies.

Some have a hippy vibe and focus on environment and ethics, such as the popular Café Barneys (which has won multiple “High Times Cup” awards) or cosy Dolphins. Others, like Abraxas in the centre of the city are modern, light and have a knowledgeable staff. They offer a large selection of products from all over the world and are open about their sustainability efforts.

Other well-known places include Het Ballonnetje, which opened in 1978 and is said to be a favourite with celebrities. It’s a bit of a walk from the main square but its laid-back atmosphere and killer weed selection make it worth it. The Bulldog on Oude Leliestraat, meanwhile, is one of the longest-standing Amsterdam coffeeshops. It has a similar vibe to Het Ballonnetje and is another favourite with locals. They have a good range of products and the service is friendly. Prices are regulated, so don’t expect a huge difference between shops. coffeeshops in Amsterdam

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