Voice Over Artists

Voice over artists — sometimes called voice actors — narrate, replace dialogue, and create character voices for productions such as commercials, audio books, phone apps, video games, and animation. These professionals often work from home, and they can be found on projects with massive audiences (NY Times Best Sellers, film trailers) or even on smaller local productions like radio and television advertisements.

There’s a lot of competition for voice acting roles, and even established voice over performers experience periods when it’s difficult to find jobs. Many voice actors go through formal training, and some hone their skills by working with an acting coach or a voice teacher. They also listen to other established VO professionals for guidance and inspiration.

One of the biggest challenges in the field is ensuring that each recorded audio file is consistent. A mediocre recording can easily turn off potential clients, and the best voice over artists always ensure that they deliver high-quality work every time.

Another challenge is limiting distractions when recording, especially in a home studio. Many professional voice over artists set up their home studios with sound-absorbing foam, and they can also invest in a noise-canceling microphone to eliminate background noise.

Once you’re comfortable with your recordings, the next step is editing them together into a demo reel. A good demo reel will include different snippets of your recording, and you can use the demo to show off your versatility. Be sure to include a link to your website or social media where prospective employers can hear more of your work. voice over artists

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