What Is a Computer Case?

A computer case is the enclosure that holds and protects the different hardware components of a personal computer (PC). It is also known as a system unit, tower or box. The main function of a computer case is to provide protection and cooling for the various components that form the central processing unit of the PC, such as the motherboard, power supply and hard drive. It also helps to keep the critical computer hardware safe from physical impact, electromagnetic interference and dust.

Traditionally, most cases are constructed from rigid metals such as steel (often SECC–steel, electrogalvanized, cold-rolled coil) and aluminium alloy. Plastic and a variety of other materials, such as tempered glass, acrylic, wood and Lego bricks have also appeared in some modern commercial or home-built cases. The majority of computer cases feature an external frame with panels that shield the chassis from the front, sides and top to shield the internal components from physical intrusion or collection of dust. The panels can be either removable or permanently affixed. The cases typically have holes for cable management and access to the various ports, sockets, drives and expansion cards.

A computer case is usually divided into different categories based on the form factor of the motherboard that it can accommodate. The most common are full-tower, mid-tower and mini-tower, although some larger cases do support motherboards with smaller form factors as well. Choosing the right computer case depends on your intended use, budget and personal preference. For example, you should look for cases that offer built-in fans that are capable of delivering good airflow and heat dissipation, so that they can keep the critical components cool and prevent overheating which is detrimental to performance and longevity. computer case

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