What You Should Know About Tummy Tuck Surgery

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a surgical body contouring procedure that tightens the abdominal area, eliminating loose, sagging skin. It can reduce the appearance of a protruding belly caused by weakened abdominal muscles, excess fat, or both. It’s a good choice for people who can no longer restore the abdominal muscle or skin tone by diet and exercise alone.

Before the surgery, your doctor will review your medical history and do a physical exam. Be sure to tell your doctor about any medications or supplements you take, as well as previous surgeries and significant weight changes. Your doctor might also ask about your smoking status, as it decreases blood flow and increases your risk of complications during and after surgery.

You will receive general anesthesia during the procedure. Your surgeon will make an incision in the abdominal area, usually between your pubic hairline and belly button. Depending on your needs, the doctor might make a smaller incision around the navel. Fat might be removed through this incision, or a separate one might be made to remove more stubborn fat. Your doctor might also insert drainage tubes to help prevent fluid buildup under the skin.

Recovery from tummy tuck is fairly quick. You might need to wear a compression garment for two to three months. Most people resume their normal activities within a few weeks, but you should avoid strenuous activity and avoid wearing clothing that might rip or stretch the skin for about six months. A healthy diet and regular exercise will help maintain your results. tummy tuck

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